Top Pilates Reformer Equipment for Studio Use

  • Durable material & Superior craftsmanship
  • OEM/ODM Customize service
  • Versatile functionality
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Excellent value
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Enjoy the flexibility of doing Pilates exercises with a full range of great equipment,including our latest Megacore Reformer! With our top-quality pieces of Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment,  the combination of movement and movement can avoid some body movements contusion and reduce the negative effects caused by the wrong posture.




  • Material: Steel frame
  • Product color: White frame, black platform
  • Springs: 4 lbs*2pcs (white), 8 lbs*3pcs (grey), 22 lbs*2pcs (black), 88 lbs*1pc (blue)
  • Size: 2800*650*860 mm
  • N.W.: 150 kg
  • G.W.: 160 kg
  • Affordable weight: 135 KG
  • Cushion: PU leather + High density sponge



  • 1. Material of main frame: 90*50*3, 80*60*3 rectangular tube is used for steel pipe, D32*3 circular tube is used for handlebar pipe, and the thickness of plate is 4mm.  

  • 2. The pad group is made of microfiber leather, high and low density EVA sponge and glued wood board structure  
  • 3. Pulley: high strength POM pulley with diameter of 50mm  
  • 4. Pull rope: using φ 5 multi-strand wire rope, bearing 1.47 tons  
  • 5. Accessories: 4 stainless steel 32mm diameter small pulley, 4 steel wire rope, 4 handle, slide pad with 2 straps, front pad with 1 strap, back pad with 1 strap, 1 set of foot strap, 1 set of elastic rope, 16 large hoist hook, 6 small hoist hook  
  • 6. Handle: use inner ring + outer ring cotton fiber cloth + rope ring  
  • 7. The host rack is composed of two parts: the front rack and the rear rack.  
  • 8. Bearing screws :10.9 high strength screws  
  • Baking powder: high protection, anti-rust epoxy powder coating process, German equipment baking powder line operation (frame spraying baking powder coverage for three years  


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Smooth pulley.
  • Adjustable spring resistance.
  • Head and neck pillow.
  • Custom colors
  • Hundreds of training moves.
  • Train whole body.
  • Enjoy professional pilates experience at home.

Container Load:

  • 20 Feet 20 pcs
  • 40 HQ 50 pcs



  • 3 years frame/365 days parts


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