The Best Heavy-Duty Pilates Reformers for Professional Studios

May 25, 2023 | Industry News | 0 comments

Pilates reformers are essential equipment for Pilates studios that want to offer their clients challenging, versatile, and effective workouts. However, not all reformers are created equal, especially when it comes to heavy-duty commercial use. Professional studios need reformers that can withstand frequent and intense use, accommodate users of different levels and sizes, and provide a smooth and responsive performance that enhances the Pilates experience. In this article, we’ll review the best heavy-duty Pilates reformers for professional studios that offer value, quality, and features.


  1. Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer: This reformer is a versatile and durable machine that can adapt to different exercises and users. It features a soft and comfortable carriage with adjustable headrest, straps, and handles, and offers four gearbar positions, a rope system, and a removable footbar for varied resistance. The Allegro 2 also comes with a double-stackable frame that saves space and enhances stability, and a padded jumpboard that supports cardio and lower-body exercises.


  1. Peak Pilates Comprehensive Reformer: This reformer is a premium and customizable machine that offers a smooth and responsive ride. It has four cord positions, five spring options, and a patented pulley system that allows for thousands of exercise variations. The Comprehensive Reformer also features an adjustable footbar, a high-density foam padding, and a sleek and durable design. Moreover, it offers options for a tower, a box, and an extension strap that expand the range of exercises.


  1. Merrithew SPX Max Plus Reformer: This reformer is a popular and user-friendly machine that offers versatile and effective workouts. It has four cord positions, adjustable gearbar levels, and a retractable rope system for varied resistance. The SPX Max Plus also features soft-touch handles, a wide and cushioned carriage with a supportive headrest, and a vertical stand for easy storage. It also offers options for a jumpboard, a box, and a platform extender that add more challenges to the exercises.
  1. Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer: This reformer is a blend of elegance and performance that suits professional studios. It has four cord positions, adjustable gearbar levels, and a patented gliding system that ensures smooth and silent movement. The Elite Wood Reformer also features a solid wooden frame that resists wear and tear, a comfortable carriage with lumbar support and a removable footbar, and an optional tower that enhances the range of exercises.


  1. STOTT PILATES V2 Max Plus Reformer: This reformer is a sophisticated and versatile machine that offers both Pilates and cardio workouts. It has three cord positions, four gearbar levels, and adjustable spring tension. The V2 Max Plus also features an extra-wide carriage with a retractable footbar, a solid frame with a wood finish, and a removable platform extender and neck pillow that support varied exercises. It also offers options for a vertical frame, a split-pedal stability chair, and a ladder barrel that expand the Pilates repertoire.


In summary, the best heavy-duty Pilates reformers for professional studios offer a range of features and options that can enhance the performance, safety, and satisfaction of the clients and instructors. By investing in a quality and versatile reformer that fits your space, budget, and goals, you can create a strong and successful Pilates business that attracts and retains loyal clients.


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