Advanced Pilates Reformer with Elevated Platform

  • Durable material & Superior craftsmanship
  • OEM/ODM Customize service
  • Versatile functionality
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Excellent value
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Pilates reformer machines focus on strength, muscle toning, body control, and flexibility, with the main emphasis being core strength. Pilates is a disciplined practice that when done regularly provides the greatest benefit.

A range of all people male or female, dancers, swimmers, athletes, and seniors will benefit from this type of flexible exercise. Modifications can be made to accommodate any ones flexible ability.  All the exercises allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginning to advanced.


  • Material: Steel frame
  • Product color: White frame, black platform
  • Springs: 10 lbs*5pcs (yellow), 40 lbs*3pcs (red)
  • Size: 3296*867*840 mm
  • Packing size A: 1790*775*450 mm, Packing size B: 1610*695*450 mm
  • N.W.: 150 kg
  • G.W.: 160 kg
  • Affordable weight: 135 KG
  • Cushion: PU leather + High density sponge
  • Front handlebar rotation angle: 0 °,90 °,180 °,270 °

  • Back handlebar rotation angle: 0 °,90 °,180 °,270 °



  • Material of main frame: 90*50*3, 80*60*3 rectangular tube is used for steel pipe, D32*3 circular tube is used for handlebar pipe, and the thickness of plate is 4mm.  
  • The pad group is made of microfiber leather, high and low density EVA sponge and glued wood board structure  
  • Pulley: high strength POM pulley with diameter of 50mm  
  • Pull rope: using φ 5 multi-strand wire rope, bearing 1.47 tons  
  • Accessories: 4 stainless steel 32mm diameter small pulley, 4 steel wire rope, 4 handle, slide pad with 2 straps, front pad with 1 strap, back pad with 1 strap, the position under the front frame with 1 strap, 1 set of foot strap, 1 set of elastic rope, 12 large hoist hook, 6 small hoist hook  
  • Handle: use inner ring + outer ring cotton fiber cloth + rope ring  
  • The host rack is composed of two parts: the front rack and the rear rack.  
  • Bearing screws :10.9 high strength screws  
  • Baking powder: high protection, anti-rust epoxy powder coating process, German equipment baking powder line operation (frame spraying baking powder coverage for three years)  



  • Easy to assemble.
  • Smooth pulley.
  • Adjustable spring resistance.
  • Head and neck pillow.
  • Custom colors
  • Hundreds of training moves.
  • Train whole body.
  • Handle adjustment mode: straight pull rotation, release the hand can be self-locking, no need to bolt positioning.


Container Load:

  • 20 Feet 20 pcs
  • 40 HQ 50 pcs



  • 3 years frame/365 days parts


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